C.S. Lewis's "common hall of Christianity"
Pastor Mike Mercer, able caretaker of the late Michael Spencer’s Internetmonk.com asked me to create new banner images to replace the old banners I did for Spencer years ago. I miss the Monk, and I was honored to have Pastor Mercer ask. He suggested the theme, “Conversations in the Great Hall” […]

C.S. Lewis and Hamm’s Beer

Two Assyrian Sphinxes guard the south entrance of the Liberty Memorial. “Memory” faces east toward the battlefields of France, shielding its eyes from the horrors of war.
This Memorial Day, our family again visited a gem of Kansas City: Liberty Memorial, the national World War I museum and memorial. It was a beautiful day with speeches and a band and color guards, lots of vets and active duty service members, and reenactment soldiers and nurses in historical […]

Memorial Day sketchbook: Assyrian Sphinx “Memory” at Liberty Memorial

The Greek theoreo (theh-o-reh’-o) is used throughout the New Testament. Apparently we get the word “theater” from it. It denotes the act of observing at a distance. Watching.


"It's like magic." --actual quote
Okay, so it turns out that, yes, Creative Perspective for Artists and Illustrators  is a bit too advanced for my beginning students to benefit from yet. I’ll have more to say on that in a future post. I was able to dig up a few very basic introduction to one-point perspective videos, and […]

Perspective drawing for kids, part 2

Screenshot of the Photoshop file for page 21 inks of Bruta
Here is a screenshot of the inks for page 21 of Bruta The Witch. I’m taking a page from Greg Smallwood and trying all digital, from sketches to final inks. Maybe even for coloring. Not used to leaving my pencil in the jar. I’m scared.

If I fail to obey the terms of this bargain…

Chef looks on as Bruta relishes an apple
Remember that scene from Pirates Of The Caribbean, where Captain Barbossa leers strangely at the starving Elizabeth Swann as she eats an apple? “The apple is poisoned,” you think. “Or cursed! Barbossa’s trying to kill her!” But nothing about the look on Barbossa’s face suggests prurience or malice. Then it hits you. “He can’t […]

Barbossa And His Apples